Innovation Management System
Innovation Programs that Achieve Results
Built on 20 years of experience and best-practice research into high-innovation organisations.

Innovation Management Systems

Organisations need to concurrently manage running their core business and innovating for the future.

Innovation is an enabler for long-term sustainability and is one of the top drivers of business growth.

To take innovation from being a series of one-off projects to a repeatable process, organisations need to put in place the right internal structures, processes and culture.

For organisations to achieve sustainable impacts and outcomes from innovation requires repeatable process and practices using the right tools and processes.

Innovation requires a different set of approaches, tools and practices to those used in managing the core business. Innovation uses an iterative process to design, test and validate the ideas to ensure market product fit before scaling up and embedding into the core business.

Innovation Program Details Innovation Program Details

Innovation Systems take innovation from a series of one-off projects to a repeatable process.

Source: Chase Innovation Research Study

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