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Built on 20 years of experience and best-practice research into high-innovation organisations.

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Chase Consulting helps organisations get the best out of creativity, ideas, opportunities and the latest discoveries, to improve performance and outcomes and people’s lives through innovation.

Our Innovation Research uncovered that highly-innovative organisations are delivering more than two times the innovation benefits than average organisations from their innovation programs.

We know how to:

  • Develop innovation strategy, frameworks, design thinking processes and toolkits that make innovation a repeatable and consistent process.
  • Pursue a range of innovations across business units and different time horizons.
  • Discover and select the right opportunities to innovate.
  • Run sustainable innovation campaigns.
  • Engage staff and partners in innovation projects.
  • Demonstrate the innovation ROI on funding.
  • Reduce the time to develop a tangible innovation project from a good idea.
  • Identify and overcome critical challenges.
  • Spot gaps in organisation’s capacity to innovate.
  • Test business ideas and assumptions.
  • Successfully scale and launch innovations into “business as usual” operations.
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